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Naser Supply Waste Plastic Crusher

Naser Supply Waste Plastic Crusher

Naser Brand Plastic crusher is divided into High speed crusher (contains Strong Crusher , Flat cutter Crusher ), Middle speed Crusher, Low Speed Crusher , Soundproof High speed crusher and so on.

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    Naser supply waste plastic crusher

    Suitable material of " Plastic Crusher"

    1. PET bottle, drink bottle label, bottle cap

    2. PE film, agricultural film, bag, PE pipe, water pipe, drainage pipe

    3. PP woven bag, PP water drum, PP cup, PP film, sheet, pallet, basket 

    4. LDPE/HDPE film, sheet, flake, lump, board

    5. PVC pipe, profile, window frame, door frame, soft PVC door curtain 

    6. Wood plastic window/door 

    7. PC/ABS water drum

    8. Rubber tyre, rubber/plastic material from injection mold

    9. TV shell, keyboard, mouse, TV remote controller, toys, torch, plastic helmet, file folder, brochure shelf, canvas, coat hanger, bumper bar, gas tank 

    10. Fiber, coconut fiber, jute fiber 

    11. Nylon 

    12. Non-woven fabric 

    13. Leather, artificial leather, leather shoes, leather clothes, leather hand bags

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    Pls kindly offer the following information:      

    1.Crushing  capacity

    2.hard  material  and  soft  material

    3. the size  of material

    4. Voltage/Frquency

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