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Vertical Mixer For Mixing Plastic Material Granules

Vertical Mixer For Mixing Plastic Material Granules

features 1. The motor uses famous brands with high quality and stable capacity. 2. Time setting can be controlled easily and Precisely in the range of 0 - 30minutes. 3. Standard voltage: 380V 50Hz 3 Phase. (Can be customized according to customers’request) 4.Naser Plastic color mixer uses microcomputer controller which is Schneider.

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    vertical mixer is a solution that has always been used for mixing plastic material granules.

    The vertical mixer consists of an outer frame made of painted sheet metal and an internal screw inside a tube for mixing the contents.

    The material to be mixed is fed into the loading hopper, the screw receives it from below and carries it upwards releasing it on top, spreading it inside the mixer body with a radius of 360°. After about 15/20 minutes, the material is perfectly mixed.

    The mixer supply includes the control panel constructed in compliance with EEC standards, with the Start and Stop functions and time settings for Run and Hold.

    The inspection hatches for the screw conveyor and mixer are protected by safety microswitches.

             Vertical Mixer For Mixing Plastic Material Granules
    ModelPower(Kw/Hp)Capacity(kg)Voltage(V)Measure(mm)Mixing   Speed(r/min)Weight(kg)
    NPM-V500-SC34500380   3 φ1450*1100*2200300450
    NPM-V1000-SC1.55.51000380   3 φ1580*1380*3100300630
    7.52000380   3 φ1890*1680*34703001050
    NPM-V3000-SC7.5103000380   3 φ2350*2130*35603001250
    NPM-V5000-SC15205000380   3 φ2350*2130*53503001750
    NPM-V8000-SC18.5258000380   3 φ2650*2530*60003002250

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