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FRP Counter Flow Low Noise Cooling Tower

FRP Counter Flow Low Noise Cooling Tower

The cooling tower is a device that uses water as circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and discharge it to the atmosphere to reduce the temperature of the water. The cold water is exchanged between water and air to generate steam. The steam vaporizes away the heat and reaches evaporation. Heat dissipation, convection heat transfer, radiation heat transfer and other principles are used to disperse evaporative heat sinks that reduce the water temperature in industrial or cooling and air-conditioning systems to ensure the normal operation of the system. The device is generally in the form of a barrel. It is called a cooling tower.

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    Naser Machinery brings you quality and precise frp counter flow low noise cooling tower not only as one of the best manufacturers but also one of the leading suppliers in China. With decades experience in exporting our quality products, we enjoy good reputation. You can easily wholesale our frp counter flow low noise cooling tower made in China with our factory.

    FRP Counter Flow Low Noise Cooling Tower

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    1. Frame
    Designed by using chains structure, the frame is stable and with good rigidity. The load is evenly distributed among each foundation, which makes operation more smooth. All structure parts are processed by hot assault zinc and has excellent performance of anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

    2. Glass fiber reinforced plastics
    Using good quality surface sizing, UPR and glass fiber as raw materials, with standardized abrasive tools for production, glass fiber reinforced plastics surface is glossy, evenly colored, aging resistance, fastcolours and durable.

    3. Motor
    Using totally closed cooling tower's exclusive motor, protection level IP54, good sealing, which is suitable for running in damp and hot environment with low noise and long lifetime.

    4. Fan
    Using wide blade, raked space twisted, low rotate speed and aluminum alloy axial fan, which is low rotate speed, large air quantity, low noise in operation and good dynamic balance etc., its angle is adjustable, which suits customers' requirements on air quantity and noise etc. Aspects very well

    5. Reducing gear
    Reducer casing using imported bearings and triangle belt, which guarantee cooling tower's reducing gear run smoothly with low noise and makes tower's lifetime longer.

    6. In fill
    Made of good P. V. C plain film that is processed through hot water heating and compression, which makes cooling tower's reducing gear run smoothly with low noise and lifetime longer.

    7. Sprinkler head
    Using aluminum alloy, imported bearings inside, high precision installation, close fit, smooth running, long lifetime.

    8. Water basin
    Designed on basis of large water reservation and high water level, which avoids pump-out while starting and guarantees equipment run normally.

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