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Industrial Chiller Product Type Ice Rink Equipments

Industrial Chiller Product Type Ice Rink Equipments

Ice water machine is another name for chiller. Ice water machine is simply a kind of machine that outputs low temperature chilled water. The output cold water temperature can be adjusted between 3-35 degrees Celsius. There are many different types of ice water dispensers according to different methods.

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    Industrial Chiller Product Type Ice Rink Equipments

    Imported compressor, efficient shell-and-tube condenser and evaporator combination, with super cooling, quiet power saving effect; microcomputer full-featured control, easy operation (optional); with a new design of stainless steel open tank, cleaning, Easy and quick repair; With precision electronic temperature controller, can accurately control the water temperature within 0 °C to 10 °C; Accurate control of water temperature at 0 ± 0.5 °C; With current overload protection, high and low voltage system and electronic time delay Complete safety protection device, abnormal indication system; LCD at the same time display cold water outlet, cold water inlet and set temperature (optional); single, dual, and four-machine combination, high energy efficiency; after industrial design, beautiful appearance, Optimize man-machine.

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