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Air Chiller And Water Cooled Chiller

Air Chiller And Water Cooled Chiller

industrial chiller

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    Water Screw Chiller 1.Adopted world brand compressors, the latest 5:6 patented screw rotor profile with excellent efficiency. built in safety protection, low noise and electricity saving and durable. 2.Wide range of refrigerant for option, including R22、R134A and R407C. 3.Equipped with imported precision digital display temperature controller, can precise control of water temperature ±1℃. 4.Equipped with all kinds of safety protection device, stable performance, long service life、simplicity of operator; using liquid crystal display man-machine interface, easy to operate, operating status at a glance. 5.The machine adopt single compressor or multi- compressor combined refrigeration system. Compressor can be changed according to load, automatic alternate operation, balance the running time of each compressor, achieve energy saving and to extend the use of the term effect of the water chiller. Facilitate energy adjustment,more energy saving at partial load. 6.Unit appearance is beautiful and generous.

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