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Milk Cooling Chiller

Naser is a old chiller factory, we provide various chiller, also can customized chiller according to client's requirement, for example, color, stainless steel body etc, also include compressor, evaporator etc.

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    Milk Cooling Chiller

    Milk cooling chiller is used to cool milk, wine, etc. It is indirectly cooling way. Chiller use standard water tank type chiller to connect with Heat Plate Exchanger.

    One side run water, one side run milk.

    Because it is indirectly cooling, generally speaking, chilled water temperature is low, need to add antifreeze according to chilled water temperature.


    Diagram of Chiller with HPE

    diagram of milk chiller.png

    Chiller Production


    Standard milk cooling chiller, low temperature air chiller catalogue, please download catalogue for reference.

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