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Mini Industrial Water Chiller Factory Price

Mini Industrial Water Chiller Factory Price

Naser produce and sell mini chiller, small chiller, lab chiller, industrial chiller, air cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, scroll chiller, screw chiller, glycol chiller, water chiller, air chiller etc. all types of chiller.

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    Mini Industrial Water Chiller Factory Price

    Naser chiller manufacturer 1 HP small chiller

    Cooling capacity2.77KW/ 1.34 USRT
    Standard voltage220V/1Phase/50Hz
    EvaporatorWater tank type
    Water tank
    20 L
    Chilled water flow0.48 M3/H
    Chilled water temperature range5-35 degree C
    CompressorPanasonic scroll type
    Water pipe1/2"


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