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Air Cooled Scroll Industrial Water Chiller

Air Cooled Scroll Industrial Water Chiller

NASER is a professional industrial water chiller manufacturer and plastic auxiliary machine in Guangdong, China. we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you.

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    Strong Points

    Compressor brand is Japan Panasonic/Sanyo or Denmark Danfoss. Scroll compressor. /piston type compressor
    Evaporator is tank with copper coil/ shell and tube/ SS plate heat exchangerCondenser is fan coil typeWater tank is stainless steel SUS304High quality level electronic parts, SchneiderRefrigerant R410a/R407c/R134a or R22

    Product Picture

    5HP air cooled chiller.jpg

    Techinical Parameter

    Air Cooled Scroll Chiller.png

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