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Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

industrial chiller is a kind of machine that used to produce cooling water which lower than normal temperature, is mainly applied in plastic & rubber industry, it can accurately control the molding temperature and shorten the molding cycle, increase the product quality and improve the production efficiency.

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    Naser Machinery brings you quality and precise air cooled industrial chiller not only as one of the best manufacturers but also one of the leading suppliers in China. With decades experience in exporting our quality products, we enjoy good reputation. You can easily wholesale our air cooled industrial chiller made in China with our factory.

    The Air cooled Chiller is to provide a cooling process for better industrial production. In plastic molding industry,it improves quality of molded products and shorten period of injection molding cycles.Hence maximizes productivity of plastic molding manufacturing. 
    And water could be used in various of different industries, just depends on the needs.
     Naser Industrial Air  Chiller features :
    1. The Air cooled chiller is to provide cooling process to plastic molds to improve molded products quality and cut down injection cycle time. Hence maximizes plastic molding machines productivity.
    2. Installed with import compressors, highly efficient shell condenser and evaporator, excellent cooling, quiet and low electricity consumption.
    3. Microprocessor control, easy to operate;
    4. Unique open reservoir tank made of stainless steel, easy cleaning and maintenance;

    5. Pipeline well-arranged to save energy;
    6. Installed will precise electronic thermostat accurately maintains temperature within 0-60 degree;
    7. Installed with current overload protector, high and low pressure switch, electronic timer delay, fault display system;
    8. Screen liquid crystal display of chill water out let and inlet with temperatures setting;
    9. Single, double or four compressors combination unit available;
    10. Industrially designed, elegant and ergonomic.

    Technical   Parameters of Air cooled chiller
    Rated cooling capacity50HZBtu/h206553864647486578677244594977115734144890173602242394276534363591471132587208
    Power Input
    CompressorCompressor   PowerHP2345681012152025304050
    Hermostatic expansion valve
    Flow   regulatorcapaillary tube/thermostatic expensinon valve
    CondenserStyleFined copper tube+low noise rotor fan
    RefrigreantR22 /R407C/R134A/R410A
    EvaporatorStyle *water tank    with copper coil/shell and tube/SS plaste heat exchanger
    Standard   freezing water flowM3/H1.041.952.393.913.654.785.837.38.7412.2113.9318.3123.7329.58
    Diameter   of standard nippleDN2525252525404040505050658080
    Built-in pumpHP0.50.50.511111223355
    Machine weightKG1021501851851903203804106808301200140015201620
    "*"   means optional or customizable. Capacity based on voltage 380V/50Hz/3Ph.

    Not   all models are showed in above parameters.

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