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15 HP Air Cooled Chiller

15 HP Air Cooled Chiller Condenser: finned copper tube and low noise outer rotor fan, Evaporator Type: stainless steel water tank type with copper coil.Rated cooling capacity: 50.85 KW/ 14.5 USRT/ 43731 Kcal/H

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    15 HP Air Cooled Chiller


    Product information

    Rated cooling capacity: 50.85 KW/ 14.5 USRT/ 43731 Kcal/H

    Compressor power: 11.25 KW (15 HP)     Water pump: 2 HP

    Size: 1700*870*1680 mm                         Weight: 680 KG

    Water tank: 178 L      Chilled water flow: 8.74 M3/H     Water pipe: DN 50

    15 HP Air Cooled Chiller Features

    1. Compact structure, exquisite appearance, simple management design, easy operation, easy installation

    2. Intelligent control system to ensure efficient operation of imported refrigeration components and accurate temperature control

    3. Specially used imported scroll refrigeration compressor, low vibration, low noise, stable operation, long service life

    4. Microcomputer control system, powerful safety protection (high voltage protection, antifreeze protection, power phase sequence, etc.) communication failure judgment, automatic adjustment and other functions

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